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GTUTV Darwin Awards

The GTUTV Darwin Award recognizes the person who said, performed, took part in, or was responsible for, a extremely stupid or outrageous act. Each game we will post candidates and take a poll. At the end of the season we will have a vote for the 2003 Football Season overall Darwin Award winner.


The winner of the Darwin Award, with over 60% of the votes, for the GT vs Vandy game was Candidate 3: This person does not have a ticket for the game. Instead of trying to acquire a ticket, the person takes a full pie to the game, in hopes of using it as a ticket. Arriving at the gate, the person presents the pie, and suprisingly the gate agent only asks "Do you have a fork", at which point the person pulls a plastic fork out of his/her pocket.
For the BYU game, the winner of the "I cant control bodily functions picture was AP with an impressive 63% victory!
At the Wake game, some fans were a little upset. Mr. Brune was a little more upset than others. He is this games darwin award winner because he was most likely to throw after the game in a fit of rage a plate of imitation crab meat!